Our story

Fattorini Foundry since 1959 – Metal Casting – Production Sales

For over 50 years, the Fattorini Foundry has experience in the craftsmanship of metal castings, whose processing is carried out through the various methods adopted by the oldest foundries, namely that of earth, shell and lost wax castings.

It all began in 1959, when Alvaro Fattorini, thanks to the experience acquired from a young age in the oldest foundries, decided to give life to a project that over the years has become a point of reference throughout the national territory.

This is how the Fattorini Foundry was born today, the only foundry in Rome specialized in making handcrafted products that stand out exclusively for the Made in Italy brand.

The Fattorini Foundry is also able to provide a complete service of work planning, from design to production of the mold according to customer needs.